is great! Never experienced any downtime or slow loads in both the website itself or in CPanel. They have loads of useful features - some of which I don't even need or use, but is nice to know they are available! Would I recommend them? Of course!


I was first attracted to by the low cost for hosting. (still a great deal!) Since then, I have had no problems. Good speeds, no access issues, many included apps, and plenty of space. What else can you ask? Check it out.

Robert Allen

If reliability, a speedy server, timely service, and great prices are what you're looking for in web hosting, CookieHost delivers.

Michael Smalley is reliable, stable, and has very friendly customer service. I am very satisfied with it. CookieHost is very sweet.

Hao Luo

I have been with CookieHost for two years now and as a South African with limited bandwidth in my local country it is great to be able to host my Forex information with Cookie host. I use CookieHost for Web, Mail and FTP and other than the very occasional hiccup, which is generally resolved pretty quickly, I am a very happy user. CPanel is the best, even for a guy like myself who has very little technical knowhow, I can do most everything that the pros are doing at very reasonable CookieHost prices. What a sweet deal. J Thanks


This was my first year with CookieHost and I have had absolutly no problems at all. The support team has been there when I needed them and the control panel is awesome. I highly recommend giving CookieHost a try.

Steve Ferrell

Hello, As a small business starting out, we were looking for a reliable web host that could also supply online access to email and other tools to help monitor our traffic. In, we found a reliable host (with little downtime) and an abundance of great online tools to use. Nowhere else could we have found this level of support for this price, and any questions that we have are answered promptly and expertly. Not once have we had a question go unanswered or been delayed more than 12 hours for a reliable and honest response, and for this, we truly thank you.

Jonathan Hillquist

Owner, Avalon Electronics

I first found CookieHost via the recommendation of a friend. I signed up for the maxi plan for one year and never regretted it. The hosting product is top quality and the reliability is excellent. Any problems i did have were always sorted out very quickly and I was always dealt with in a friendly way. I would (and have) recommend CookieHost to my friends and associates.

Dean Ward

Exceptional Customer Service. Always on hand to answer even the most trivial of question.

C. Clancy

Cookiehost has been a great hosting service, always with low prices. With any technical problems that I've had, they are always fast with responding and have always been very helpful. Thanks guys!


I like cookiehost. You guys are loads better than my previouse host, (omitted). I have very few complaints, the main one being your installation of wordpress is not compatible with I have used and am looking for a new host because of this. Also I think you should offer free, shell access to your clients. All the orher webhosts I've used included. Then again, it's one of the things I look for when picking a webhost. Best,

Pedro Davila

I've been with cookie host for just shy of a year now and I have to say that I'm very satisfied. The best part is that the service of the staff and the quality of the servers has only gotten better since I first signed up. Any and all issues I've had were addressed in a timely manner, courteously, and professionally. The cPanel software they use is user friendly (for both new and experienced users!) and is very feature-rich. It makes it very easy to customize my server space without needing to know the ins and outs of the various programs being used. My only suggestion/complaint is the lack of a community support forum, which I have seen work very well for other web hosts.


Dear CookieHost, I manage two sites ( and using your hosting services. All I have is praise for the amazing service you provide. Your hosting packages make it extremely easy to host with limitations subject only to ones imagination. I recommend you to all my friends and will use your services for ALL my hosting needs. Thanks again for such a great service. Sincerely,

Mat Barndt

My experience with CookieHost has been great. The sign-up process was quick and easy and the service I received could not be better. This company really is sweet. Thanks,


I had excellent service throughout the year. The server was almost never down and the site was always fast to load. For the price, I have no doubts that you could go wrong with Cookiehost!

Redin Karmon

I run three sites on three servers, and cookie host has never been anything short of perfect. Never had a single issue!

Dennis Barton

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